Sophia Smith Held Captive - Pt2

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith Held Captive - Pt2

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, embarrassment, desperation, clothes, brunette, rejection, tits, gagging, ENF

Sophia is already tied to a chair, arms behind the backrest, legs spread to the chair legs. Ropes above and under her breast securing her tightly to the backrest.
She keeps insulting him and demanding to be released; the kidnapper aggressively forces a packing into her mouth by shutting her nose with his fingersand quickly tapes her shut, giving her no chance, to spit it out.
He sneers that a little embarrassment might be just perfect. Thus, he cuts off Sophia’s clothing until she is completely naked. Sophia struggles and mmmphhhs furiously.

Once, she is naked, her captor leaves her for a while. When he returns, he puts the newspaper on Sophia’s lap and ungags her in order to read his demand. Once more, Sophia is very feisty and tough, keeping insulting him endlessly. Pulling her hair, he forces her to open her mouth and immediately mouth packs her again andcleave gags her. As a punishment, he tickles her and then he leaves her again to contemplate her situation.