Kind Hearted Mother Humiliation - Eryn

A clip starring Eryn Rose

Eryn Rose in Kind Hearted Mother Humiliation - Eryn

In this clip: genitals, ass, bondage, embarrassment, POV, humiliation, brunette, blackmail, stripping, passive/submissive, gagging, spreads, ENF

Shot POV - Eryn comes to a teacher requesting for her son to be accepted to the school. She says she will do anything. The headmaster says that there is a long waiting list, and asks what is she prepared to do. She acts sexy/ teasing and strips her clothes slowly until she is naked; finally she pulls out some ropes from her bag and tells him she is happy for him to tie her up and do anything he wants. He does so, and next shot she is tied up, sitting on couch naked, with hands tied behind her back and ball-gagged. She sits passively. He tells her to open her legs and show her pussy, she does. He tells her to stand and show her legs and backside, she does. Will he let her son into school?