Lesbian Mesmerize Schoolgirl Detention

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Kitty Cream

Chloe Toy, Kitty Cream in Lesbian Mesmerize Schoolgirl Detention

In this clip: neck, legs, trance/hypnosis, licking, groping, mature/older, young, schoolgirl, mental domination, domination, nylon/stockings, horny, blonde, brunette, tits, lesbian, sensual, choking, flashing, rubbing, moaning

A young schoolgirl comes into a school classroom slowly sucking a lollipop. Kitty, her dominant teacher, has called her in for detention. She talks to Chloe telling her why she’s here while Chloe sucks like a brat on her lollipop. After a quick lecture Chloe takes her blazer off and throws her schoolbag down but Kitty makes her pick it up and tells Chloe to put her schoolbag down gently. Chloe tries a few times before she gets it right, each time Kitty grabs her by the hair and throat and whispers in her ear what a bad girl she is etc. Finally Kitty orders her to sit at her desk. Chloe sits and starts studying with her legs very high crossed and skirt ridden up (lots of lower thigh). Kitty stands behind Chloe leaning over her pretending to be interested in her work – pressing her body against Chloe’s. Every so often she whispers things like how she's a naughty girl and needs punished. Kitty's voice in her ear sends a shiver through Chloe and she unleashes a breathy moan (she likes it but is horrified) Chloe reluctantly starts squeezing and rubbing her crossed thighs tightly together (grunting and moaning gently – slowly making herself cum) and licking and sucking on her lollipop like it’s a big cock filling her mouth. Chloe tries to resist but keeps getting turned on and seduced by Kitty’s whispering. That's a long slow mesmerizing corruption of Chloe. Once Chloe is under Kitty whispers constantly knowing she’s in her power. Kitty slowly removes Chloe’s tie undoing some buttons lifting her head up revealing her neck and slowly wraps it around the moaning chloe's neck. Kitty opens her blouse and mauls her breasts from behind rubbing herself against the poor girl. chloe helplessly groaning and rubbing her thighs is whimpering. Chloe begins to cum, and after cumming she finally succumbs to the gentle squeeze from the tie and falls asleep and this pushes a horny kitty over the edge - she cums whispering how chloe is a dirty slut.