Mother and Daughter Kinky PTA Meeting JOI

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Kitty Cream

Chloe Toy, Kitty Cream in Mother and Daughter Kinky PTA Meeting JOI

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Kitty has come with her step-daughter Chloe to see her teacher (POV) as she has just found out exactly why he is Chloe's favourite teacher. She isn't angry though, as like mother like daughter, she wants to have some pervy fun with his cock herself.

Kitty and Chloe are in my room because Kitty has found out all about the sex games I've been playing with her step-daughter. She is curious and wants to join in herself. Mother and daughter call me a dirty perv and tell me to get my cock out and start wanking for them, as they pull their skirt and dress up to flash their panties and stocking tops at me, before pushing their panties to the side and fingering their pussies in front of me.
Fingers make way to toys as they strip down to their lingerie (and Chloe's tie of course) and fuck their pussies in front of me, talking dirty all the time. Chloe tells her mum about all the kinky games we've played together in my office and Kitty gets more and more turned on. Kitty and Chloe decide to give me the ultimate kinky show, as Kitty pulls on a strap-on cock to give her step-daughter a good hard fucking in front of the perverted teacher.
Both of them call me a filthy wanker and dirty bastard as Chloe's pussy gets a good pounding. As Chloe is coming both her and Kitty ask me to shoot my load all over her face. Then at the end Kitty tells me to get dressed and that we'll all go back to their house to have a horny mother-daughter threesome.