Kissing Cousins

A clip starring Brook Logan, Chloe Toy

Brook Logan, Chloe Toy in Kissing Cousins

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Brook and Chloe are cousins. They have not seen each other for a while. They used to hang out a lot, but not so much now. They were now together because their aunt from the US, Tracy, contacted them and arranged for the three of them to meet. She was flying over to England especially. Maybe something to do with a family inheritance that suddenly appeared with the death of their reclusive uncle? Chloe and Brook arrived first and waited at the apartment that Tracy rented. They chatted and complimented each other on how sexy the other looked. They recalled the fun they used to have when no-one was looking when they were teenagers. Boys were OK. But, nothing beat a woman’s touch, especially, the way they touched and kissed each other. As they talked, they were once again drawn to each other and before long, they were kissing and soon after this they were in fully enjoying each other’s bodies, more than ever before. Ending up licking themselves, kissing, scissoring and much more, until they came.