Laura Smith in the Land of NBM Headless

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith in the Land of NBM Headless

In this clip: neck, legs, bondage, surreal, groping, secretary/business, Fixed camera, rejection, sexy/provocative, annoyed, magic, flashing

This script is based on a science fiction novel entitled "Land of the Headless."  This version of the story focuses upon the experiences of  a lovely young woman living in a futuristic religiously fundamentalist  state. She is to have her head magically rendered invisible for the crime of fornication. Then she will be returned to society. In this way, she is branded as a criminal and fornicator for life.

This clip is focused on legs fetish and NBM fetish. Laura's head is made disappear at some point of the video and then her body keeps talking, flashing and teasing. Ends with a bit of simulated doggiestyle sex (quite implied).

Effects are very good here, but the result has been part ruined by the location and Laura moving too much.