Prisoner Bonnie's Last Cigarette

A clip starring Bonnie Bellotti

Bonnie Bellotti in Prisoner Bonnie's Last Cigarette

In this clip: neck, punishment, POV, brunette, passive/submissive, smoking

Scene opens with Bonnie dressed in rough/prison clothes which look very non-sexy. She looks disappointed and doesn't have much to say. The guillotine operator approaches her and cuts the t-shirt at the top exposing more of her shoulders and neck. Before execution is carried out, he asks if she wants anything and it turns out she wants a last cigarette.
He removes the handcuffs and she is offered a cigarette. He starts doing some small talk with her: what's her crime (it turns out she was a cashier at a supermarket who stole some money from the till), how old she is, what kind of sports she liked... Questions she doesn't fully  understand, but answers anyway while sadly smoking her last cigarette.

The clip ends before execution is carried out.