Lauren's Magically Headless Body Twerking at Scam Glamour Shoot

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Lauren's Magically Headless Body Twerking at Scam Glamour Shoot

In this clip: neck, ass, surreal, willing, silly, young, secretary/business, lingerie/underwear, nylon/stockings, blonde, tits, striptease, stripping, sensual, magic, flashing, naive

Lauren shows up in the studio for an unusual performance: she's going to try a lightsaber being used on her, which will separate her head from her body for some time as a test for a magic show.
Since she will remain alive, the goal is to be able to find out whether she can still feel and control her body, which is unlikely.

Taking it extremely easy, she kneels down and has her neck exposed; a lightsaber appears in the guy's hands, which impresses Lauren. Then, in the blink of an eye, the lightsword runs through her neck and we see her head jumping over the camera.
The headless body remains kneeling for a while, up and out of control, showing a magically flat neck. The guy approaches and starts unbuttoning her blouse. We understand there is something wrong going on...

In the next scene we see Lauren's disembodied head being held up in the guy's hands. She tells about her experience about losing her body, and says that she can't actually feel or control it, and the guy is very reassuring. He tells her that they're going to move to the other room and talk for some time, while she will try her best to mentally connect with her body.

In the next scene Lauren't head is resting on a table, and the guy is sitting in front of her. They're still talking, and Lauren is getting a bit bored of being a head, but the guy persuades her to remain a head for some time in order for the experiment to succeed.
In the background we hear the noise of a camera shooting, but Lauren doesn't seem to notice it.

In the other room, her NBM headless body is getting itself in trouble: standing in front of a protographer, taking its clothes off in a sexy striptease, showing off her tits while the photographer keeps shooting: it's definitely a glamour shoot, something which goes beyond Lauren's levels! But the body doesn't know, or it wants to take advantage of the lack of her control, so it seems super excited to pose in front of the camera!

In the other room, the guy tells Lauren's head that he's going to have a look in the other room to see if there is any progress. He leaves Lauren's head alone, bored and unaware of what's going on, but serene.
He gets in the other room and finds the body standing in its panties and stockings. Things are looking good here! He has plans, he's feeling feisty: he takes the body's hand and leads it into the bedroom. The body follows obediently.

Let's party! We see Lauren's headless body twerking her ass laying on the bed, just in stockings, panties and heels. This is something which would embarrass Lauren so much as she would never do any of this, but she doesn't know. Without her head, her body just does what it's being asked for, without inhibitions, and so here it is twerking its ass for the guy's enjoyment.
But it's not over: later on we see the headless body hula hooping, so basically it's a lot of fun for all, except Lauren's head which has been forgotten on a table for hours in the other room