Bad Dolly Becomes AltSiren's Legal Guardian

A clip starring AltSiren, Bad Dolly

AltSiren, Bad Dolly in Bad Dolly Becomes AltSiren's Legal Guardian

In this clip: ass, desperation, young, casual/ordinary, mental domination, domination, blonde, blackmail, submission/slavery, spanking, age play

Bad Dolly tricks AltSiren into signing a form without reading it first, and it ends in her becoming AltSiren's owner and legal guardian. From that moment, Bad Dolly gets a severe and dominant attitude, causing AltSiren to keep protesting and moaning, but there's nothing she can do: she will get lightly spanked, first in her jeans and then on her bum, and ordered to behave as a younger person, crawling on the floor, almost crying, and accepting that Bad Dolly is now in charge.