Blackmail or Publish - True Lesbian Scene

A clip starring Electric, Rascal

Electric, Rascal in Blackmail or Publish - True Lesbian Scene

In this clip: kissing, groping, horny, stripping, lesbian, sensual, rubbing

Electric is a reporter, while Rascal works at the town hall. They are lovers. Electric found out about Mayor Tracy Johns corruption scandals and also her sexual fetishes. But, she needed evidence expose her. So, Rascal used her access at the town hall to get the files. Rascal comes home and finds Electric there. Electric has the disk. They discuss whether to print the story and expose Tracy Johns or blackmail her for money. Before they can decide , their lust takes over and they figure they can decide later. First, they wanted to enjoy each other and engage in a short true lesbian scene - Stripping, kissing and fondling - Well, they are a real married lesbian couple, so that's genuinely not staged!