Bella's Panties Tease to Weird Cousin

A clip starring Bella

Bella in Bella's Panties Tease to Weird Cousin

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, casual/ordinary, tease, family affairs, POV, domination, redhead, natural, foot worship, tits, sexy/provocative, striptease, spying/peep, stripping, sensual, flashing, dominant/leading

Bella has lost her keys. She knows they are somewhere around the couch. She searches and searches. As she searches, her panties ride above the line of her trouser top. At first, she did not see her creepy cousin come in. He did not make a sound as he took in the views of Bella’s sexy panties and backside. He also admired her sexy feet in their heels as Bella bent over, searching for her keys.

Finally Bella gave up and turned to find her cousin staring at her. Instead of freaking out, she smiled and asked him if he liked what he saw. She knew that her weird cousin would often peek at her and she would often tease him. This time she decided to really tease him.

She asked if he would like to see more. He nodded. Bella took off her top and bra and showed him her tits. She then turned again pretending to search for her key, but giving him a great view of her backside and panties and deliberately teased with her heels from behind, letting them play on her feet. She then turned and slipped off her heels and pulled off her trousers.
She slipped her heels back on and turned once again to search for her keys. She gave him a show of her bum in her panties and also of her heels and feet. When she turned again, she sat on the couch and ordered him to kiss her heels and remove them and kiss her feet. He did as he was commanded.

After a while, Bella order him back and stood. She asked if he wanted to have her panties. He nodded, but she just laughed and told him there was no way he could have them. She told him to get lost and she was late.