Lucy Lauren Pony Roommate - Part 2

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Lucy Lauren

Faye Taylor, Lucy Lauren in Lucy Lauren Pony Roommate - Part 2

In this clip: groping, pony, domination, playful/giggling, blonde, lesbian, sensual, rubbing

Faye leads Lucy into a room and tell her to wait while she prepares her proper outfit. Lucy struggles for the next couple of minutes to get free, but she can't. Faye eventually returns with her full outfit and tells Lucy to start getting undressed. She un-cuffs her and Lucy starts to undress, still with her collar and training bridle on. Once undressed, Faye dresses her in her full outfit, consisting of the body harness, black high heeled shoes and new full plumed bridle (removing the training bridle and replacing it with the full plumed one). Once complete she re-cuffs Lucy and stands back to admire her handy work, explaining that her mistress is going to be very pleased, although Lucy less so! She tells Lucy she is going to go and prepare her own outfit and for Lucy to wait for her to return. The last little bit of the clip is Lucy still struggling, but unable to free herself.