Lucy Lauren Pony Roommate - Part 3

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Lucy Lauren

Faye Taylor, Lucy Lauren in Lucy Lauren Pony Roommate - Part 3

In this clip: genitals, masturbation, kissing, groping, pony, domination, playful/giggling, horny, blonde, brunette, lesbian, sensual, rubbing

Faye returns with her own outfit and proceeds to get undressed and dress herself as her mistresses pony-girl. Once complete, she sits on a sofa or bed and summons Lucy to come over. She holds the still cuffed Lucy in front of her and proceeds to make Lucy orgasm to enjoy situation she is in. Lucy tries desperately not too but eventually has to give in and orgasms hard and well. Once she does, Faye lets Lucy calm down and the two ponies hold and caress each other lovingly for the last few minutes, waiting for their mistress to return.