Sophia Smith The Magician's Headless Assistant

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith The Magician's Headless Assistant

In this clip: neck, legs, bondage, secretary/business, playful/giggling, brunette, sexy/provocative, sensual, magic, naive

A magician is interviewing a woman to be his assistant. She responded to an ad that said. "A magician’s assistant for a soon-to-be-famous magician. Requirements for the job:  great legs, dramatic personality, willing to tease and please the audience. Must be a great sport, willing to try anything…even losing your head!" 

Sophia willingly participates in his guillotine trick, which involves getting doggiestyle in the machine and have her head magically removed. This is shown on camera.
After some discussion with the magically headless body still strapped to the machine, the head is put back in place and Sophia is let out all excited.