Mandy's Odyssey - Scene 3

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Mandy's Odyssey - Scene 3

In this clip: genitals, legs, feet, desperation, licking, groping, dirty talk, young, punishment, denial, pain/torture, POV, domination, humiliation, rejection, blackmail, holding, tits, stripping, forced/abusive, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, dildos/objects, spreads, ENF, flashing, naive

This series is focused on humiliation of an innocent girl. Three deranged guys have got a camera. All the footage shot in this series is pretty much POV through the camera itself. Footage is really genuine and acting is great. They have an idea to make their day less boring: they want to do something to Mandy, their housemate, who is a very naive, chaste girl who only wants to study and get to marriage untouched. This scene opens up showing naked Mandy tied up in bondage, laying powerless in a bathtub. Very cold water gets spilled on her making her scream and squirm while the camera records everything. She is then grabbed and carried (still tied up) downstairs, where she is tied to a table and words like "SLUT", "PUBLIC BITCH", "WHORE" get written down on her body using red lipstick. She screams and protests, but there is nothing she can do. After that, the guys carry her out, still tied up.