Mandy's Odyssey - Scene 5

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Mandy's Odyssey - Scene 5

In this clip: genitals, legs, feet, desperation, licking, groping, dirty talk, young, punishment, denial, pain/torture, POV, domination, humiliation, rejection, blackmail, holding, tits, stripping, forced/abusive, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, dildos/objects, spreads, ENF, flashing, naive

This series is focused on humiliation of an innocent girl. Three deranged guys have got a camera. All the footage shot in this series is pretty much POV through the camera itself. Footage is really genuine and acting is great. They have an idea to make their day less boring: they want to do something to Mandy, their housemate, who is a very naive, chaste girl who only wants to study and get to marriage untouched. Once again Mandy is auctioned to another customer; rates get listed again. He has no big money as he's a student, so he goes for the $10 option, just legs. Unfortunately the guy is a foot guy, so he starts focusing on her feet, which Mandy hates. She starts to protest and cry, being unprofessional, so they decide to tie her to a chair, and lay the chair on the floor so her soles are exposed. There the main guy and the customer start to grope her feet heavily, write bad words on her soles using a pen, slap her soles using a stick, and torture her toes with clamps. Once again, Mandy is devastated, as the camera films everything and they keep blackmailing her saying the footage might be leaked on the internet and discovered by her parents if she doesn't do what they say...