Kate Masturbates On Videochat

A clip starring Kate

Kate in Kate Masturbates On Videochat

In this clip:

Kate makes her money by picking up married guys and women and dating them for a while. While she is dating them they of course talk on video chat and she both asks for and performs sexual acts over web and phone camera for each other. All innocent fun, except Kate takes photos and videos of the guys and women as they perform for her. Then she would break up with the other party and use the photos and videos to black mail them, telling them how upset she is. She does not ask for a lot. Sometimes money, sometimes some clothes or watches. She has several small monthly payments from several people coming. All very good. All willingly pay to keep their secret photos and videos off the web from this dangerous woman. For the first time she actually posted some content on a social media account she set up. It was a bitch called Tracy that she dated for about 6 months. This time Tracy actually ended the affair and it really hurt Kate. She didn’t want money. She wanted revenge. She posted photos and video of Tracy in the most intimate positions. Today she had a new fish in the hook. A guy she was reeling in. She met him an short while ago. She figured she would perform for him today and soon her would perform for her. Maybe even today, if she encouraged him well enough. He loved her beautiful breasts, her pussy with dark pubic hair, her feet and her tight asshole. She had lined up for a video chat. He was staying at a hotel on a business trip she could not get there, so she video chatted instead. The session went as planned. She stripped her clothes and gave him a tour of her body. Her neck, her feet, her legs, her tits, her tight asshole and then her pussy. She pushed her fingers into her pussy and started to masturbate for him. As she did, she teased him and encouraged him to strip and take out his cock. He did. When she climaxed, he did at this same time. She captured him on her camera. She said bye and was happy she now had the footage for future use.