Tina Kay's Limp Body Medical Handjob

A clip starring Tina Kay

Tina Kay in Tina Kay's Limp Body Medical Handjob

In this clip: genitals, ass, sleeping/limp, surreal, masturbation, groping, handjob, footjob, foot worship, medical/clinic

Tina Kay is having small talk with a friend guy; she tells him that the next day she's going to get surgery because of pain in the neck she feels. She explains that, using a brand new technology, her head will be separated and her neck fixed, while her body is parked up somewhere. Everything will be kept alive and in about one week she will be brand new and her pain will be gone. The guy is rather curious and wonders what happens to the body, but Tina doesn't know much about it. The guy has gone mental at the thought. Later, he telephones directly to the doctor who's going to perform the operation (his friend and twin), and gets a deal from him: he brings money, he gets the key to have access to the room in which the body is kept while the operation is being performed on the head. The next day, we see the doctor performing some tests on Tina's head, which has been mounted on a () device and is actually fully awake and responsive, but totally unaware that his beloved friend is now alone, in a dark room, handling and inspecting her naked body, free to do whatever he wants with it! As the doctor goes on talking to the head, Tina's friend is now masturbating in the room, using her body's limp hands as if she was giving him a handjob. He spreads her legs open, clearly revealing her shaved pussy, rolls the body on the back and on the belly, and goes on slapping his dick on her palms, until he cums straight in her hand, while in the meantime the doctor is going on with the surgery. Three days later, the guy visits Tina again. She's happy, all in one piece, and she absolutely has no idea that her beloved friend has seen her body naked and used it like a pleasure toy spending hours alone with it!