Mesmerize Training Lauren and Alicia

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Alicia

Lauren Louise, Alicia in Mesmerize Training Lauren and Alicia

In this clip: legs, feet, tease, POV, nylon/stockings, brunette, big tits, tits, striptease, stripping, sensual, flashing, dominant/leading

Please note: this is more of a POV tease video rather than a proper mesmerizing one. Alicia is a rookie spy. Her job is to lure in foreign agents by using her feminine assets. But first, she needs to learn the skills. Lauren is an experienced agent, mistress in the art of teasing. Lauren has taken out countless enemy agents and she has the job of training Alicia. They dress for the task and show up at the training room. After a short test, Lauren starts to teach Alicia the art of luring the foreign agents through teasing them. She stands facing the imaginary POV target, smiling and moving her hands up and down her body and legs. Turning, teasing and taunting. The three T’s she tells Alicia! She then starts to move sexily in her heels, showing her legs, straightening her stockings. As she does it, Alicia does exactly the same. Following her teacher. Lauren then sits back on the couch and slowly dips her heels, teasing the guy. Alicia sits next to her and does the same. Lauren then lets her heels fall off her feet and pushes her nylon covered feet forwards giving the target a nylon covered feet show. Again Alicia follows. Then Lauren stands and slides her skirt off and takes off her top. She shows off her stockings and suspenders and panties. 3 T’s.. Turning, teasing and taunting. Alicia follows. The two of them now working in parallel. Lauren then slides off her stockings and proceeds to give the target a bare foot show. Alicia is once again right behind and then with her. Finally Lauren stands and teasingly plays with her bra and boobs, slowly and finally slipping her bra off. At first hiding her tits with her hands and then finally giving the target what he wants. A view of her gorgeous breasts. Alicia copies Lauren and soon the two of the are topless, just in their panties and suspenders. By then, she has the target beaten and the job is done. The target is mesmerized and captured. Alicia has done very well and Lauren is pleased with her new recruit.