Middle Aged Couple JOI - Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

A clip starring Brook Logan, Chloe Toy

Brook Logan, Chloe Toy in Middle Aged Couple JOI - Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

In this clip: genitals, ass, masturbation, dirty talk, young, secretary/business, tease, POV, domination, nylon/stockings, blonde, tits, sexy/provocative, striptease, stripping, lesbian, sensual, JOI, spreads, flashing, dominant/leading

Brook and Chloe were secretly hired by a middle aged swingers couple to spice up their sex life. Brook's job was to tease the guy, building him up verbally and physically, with her JOI routine masturbating with him until he came. Chloe's job was to tease the woman with her body, inviting her to visually explore her intimate places and then masturbate with her until she came. The session went well. Chloe and Brook taking turns to tease their clients until they both climaxed. The guy all over his hands and legs and the woman, shuddering with her fingers deep in her pussy.