Misrespecting Carrots - Chloe Toy and Honour May Dolcett Roasts

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Honour May

Chloe Toy, Honour May in Misrespecting Carrots - Chloe Toy and Honour May Dolcett Roasts

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Chloe and Honour are members of a vegan cult; that day they're alone in the house, as the leader is out. Since it's a very nature-oriented hippie cult, they live naked and free, and therefore are having a nice lesbian makeout, just to let the time pass. Chloe Toy grows a bit too excited and feels the need for an insertion; there are no cocks around, so what about some kind of insertion? There should be some vegetables around! The fridge is usually locked by the cult leader, the girls don't know why - However, they manage to open its door a little, and grab some carrots by their green and get them out of the fridge. These fall onto the floor as the girls get distracted by something odd: they can see the fridge is full of cheese, a pizza, maybe even meat!! What has the cult leader been hiding? Is him a liar? Or is it a way for him to test adepts? Anyway, the girls are excited and get hold of a couple of carrots; they move back onto the couch and restart making out. Soon, Honour inserts one into CHloe Toy's ass, so that the green bit sticks out like a tail. They continue making out. Suddenly, the cult leader comes back. The girls look slightly worried, as they're not sure what they have been doing is good; therefore, they try to make it look like they weren't doing anything special. The cult leader walks past the fridge and stumbles on something. He looks down: his carrots! On the floor! Did they open the fridge? What have they been doing to his carrots? The girls are now scared... The cult leader notices a green tail between Chloe's legs. He orders her to turn around and understands one carrot is up her ass. The girls are now really scared... Scene fades back in showing Chloe prepared as a Dolcett roast on the kitchen table: the carrot is still up her ass and an apple is in her mouth. The cult leader, now completely crazy, wheels in Honour, prepared as a Dolcett roast too. Did they discover he is a carnivore? Or did they just turn him into one becuase of the outrage?