Mistress and Wife Lesbian Surprise

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith

Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith in Mistress and Wife Lesbian Surprise

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, feet, toes, masturbation, licking, kissing, groping, lingerie/underwear, tease, nylon/stockings, horny, blonde, brunette, foot worship, tits, sexy/provocative, striptease, stripping, lesbian, sensual, spreads, flashing, naive, moaning

Please note the girls acted in a looser way than the below script. Chloe got a text from one of her regular clients. He wanted her to come over. Usually, he wanted her to go a hotel to meet him. But this time he asked her to come to his place. When she arrived, she was surprised to find not the client, but the client’s wife, Sophia. Instead of being mad, Sophia was the opposite. She smiled and told Chloe that she knew that her husband was cheating on her with Chloe and that she wanted to get her own back by cheating on her husband with Chloe. Chloe was shocked, but when she saw how sexy Sophia was, she was happy to help Sophia cheat on her husband. In fact, she was little turned on by Sophia. Sophia instructed Chloe to start by stripping slowly, teasing Sophia and show her Chloe’s body. Chloe giggled that that’s exactly what she usually started with for her husband. She told Sophia to relax and she started her sexy strip and tease show. Sophia relaxed and rubbed her own body as she watched. Chloe stripped down to her stockings and heels, talking dirty to Sophia. She played with her own tits and then let Sophia feel and suck her nipples. She slipped off her heels and told Sophia to worship her feet, just as Sophia’s husband loved to. Sophia did. Finally, slipping her heels back on, Chloe gave Sophia good close up views of her pussy and ass. Then Chloe told Sophia to undress. Chloe she lay back and stroked her own pussy as Sophia gave Chloe a short tease show of her body before she took off her skirt and top. She then played with her tits before pulling them out of their cups, teasing Chloe with her nipples. Chloe moved forward and pushed Sophia back onto the couch. She sensually rubbed Sophia’s body kissing her nipples before moving down to remove Sophia’s heels. She started to worship Sophia’s nylon covered feet. Sophia rubbed her own tits as Chloe played with her feet. She pulled off Sophia’s stockings and worshipped Sophia’s bare feet. Chloe then kissed her feet and started to kiss all the way back up, up her legs, past her pussy, to the belly and up until she reached Sophia’s nipples. She licked and kissed Sophia’s nipples making Sophia moan with pleasure. Finally Sophia told Chloe that she was satisfied. Chloe smiled and told Sophia that she had certainly got back at her husband.