Bad Dolly The Moany Dolcett Roast

A clip starring Bad Dolly

Bad Dolly in Bad Dolly The Moany Dolcett Roast

In this clip: feet, vore, willing, massage, blonde, tits, annoyed

The chef wheels roast bad Dolly in, trying to be extra nice, pretending everything is going alright. However, bad Dolly soon notices that her vegetables bedding is quite poor, and also the vegetables are wrinkly as if they are getting quite out of date... She starts moaning, getting very inquisitive and unhappy about it, as of course she dedicated her life to make sure she is an A grade, and that is totally offensive. The chef tries to justify himself, and persuade Bad Dolly that she's going to taste delicious anyway, but she keeps moaning with her loud voice... Time to stuff the wrinkly apple into her mouth to shut her up, and to lead her into the oven. Pans of Bad Dolly posing as a roast follow.