Roast Murga Punishment - Tindra Frost

A clip starring Tindra Frost

Tindra Frost in Roast Murga Punishment - Tindra Frost

In this clip: genitals, ass, embarrassment, desperation, punishment, POV, domination, humiliation, brunette, big tits, stretching, stripping, strength, passive/submissive, contortion/flexibility, ENF

Tindra is a waitress at a hotel and she was supposed to prepare a chicken dish for a very special guest dinner. But she didn't do so. She is punished to become a chicken herself. Video starts with her in the dress of a waitress and listening to music. She gets caught by master, who is very disappointed that she didn't prepare the roast. Tindra tries to justify herself and fix the situation by saying that she's going to do it now, but it's too late: first she is ordered to get into the Murga position for a bit. Then, she is ordered to strip and become a naked Murga right on the roasting tray, where she remains in position for a while. In order to punish and humiliate her more, the Master forces her to make rooster noises as well.