Valentina Bianco Murga Punshment

A clip starring Valentina Bianco

Valentina Bianco in Valentina Bianco Murga Punshment

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, embarrassment, punishment, POV, domination, humiliation, brunette, strength, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, contortion/flexibility, details/closeups

Valentina is naked, wearing a schoolgirl tie only. She is forced in the murga position on top of a kitchen bar and the camera pans around her naked body from all angles for about 3 minutes.. At some point, she stops holding her ears and the POV Master gets disappointed. He orders her to get down, remove her tie, and walk in the bedroom, where a mirrored wall is waiting for her. There she is asked to explain what the Murga position is about, and she is ordered to assume the position again, in front of the mirror so she can see herself, but this time with legs straight. She is forced to stare at herself like this for two minutes until the video fades.