Naughty Dolcett Roast Lucia Love

A clip starring Lucia Love

Lucia Love in Naughty Dolcett Roast Lucia Love

In this clip: vore, willing, groping, fucking, playful/giggling, horny, brunette, big tits, tits

It's a normal day in the processing room, and roast Lucia Love gets wheeled in for preparation. She's very easy going and things seem to go very well, as the cook oils up her big breasts, back and ass. However, after that he's supposed to insert a carrot into her pussy (not shown), and they both get a bit naughty: the guy notices she likes the stimulation and keeps going, and Lucia gets properly excited as he carrot fucks her... At some point she wants more, she asks to get fucked on the tray. They both know this is against the regulations and there might be consequences, but why not? Nobody else is in the room and that's going to be their little secret. Soon she will be roasted so there are no big risks for him. So he starts fucking her from behind (simulated), on the tray, until they both cum. She is happy, and they can go on with the regular preparation. Pans of the roast on the tray follow.