Naughty Dolcett Roasties

A clip starring Bella

Bella in Naughty Dolcett Roasties

In this clip: vore, fun, eating, young, punishment, playful/giggling, brunette, redhead, stripping, naive, age play

Little roast wannabe Alicia is in her room, in the Roast Educational College; discipline is very strict there, as some of the best roasts ever have come out of that place. But it's still a long way, as Alicia is still too young and not ready at all to be roasted. Suddenly she hears a knock on her door: her friend and companion Bella steps in. Bella is a lot naughtier than Alicia, who is very naive and respectful of the rules, but at the same time she is fascinated by Bella and they make a naughty duo. Bella is super excited, she has brought something in a tiny bag: when Alicia finds out what's in there, she is shocked and astonished at the same time: Bella managed to steal two apples and a brush from the kitchen! I mean, two real apples they use for roasts, and a brush they use for brushing oil on girls' skin! The two girls now are super excited. They know that if they get caught it is going to be trouble. Maybe they will be roasted even though they're not ready for it yet, or maybe receive a punishment, but it's going to be trouble anyway. They are excited by their perspective of being roasts, so they begin to roleplay: they put an apple into each other's mouth, giggle, strip naked, take selfies with the apples in their mouths, they keep mentioning the trouble they would run into if they got caught. Behind them,like in every other room, the portrait of the Head Chef seems to be watching them. What if he could really see them? The girls are super exhilarated, they giggle, they play, they tickle each other with the brush, on their nipples, all over their bodies... They are getting really loud, getting carried away by the naughty experience. Their noise doesn't remain unnoticed: suddenly the door opens, and the Head Chef finds them naked, giggling, playing with a brush while holding apples in their mouths. Paralyzed, the two girls stare at the POV Head Chef as he approaches them. Video fades back in showing pans of the two girls on the floor, eyes closed, completely still in a roast pose, with apples in their mouths. It look like they have been roasted, or maybe it's just a punishment as they have been super naughty and must learn the lesson...