Lilian's NBM Escort Session

A clip starring

 in Lilian's NBM Escort Session

In this clip: legs, feet, surreal, secretary/business, brunette, foot worship, rejection, sensual, annoyed, magic

A man meets with an escort for a foot fetish session. The model thinks it's going to be a normal session, but the client makes a request: he wants to worship her feet while her head is off her body. At first, she says she only does that for trusted clients, but he convinces her by offering her a lot more money. Reluctantly, she takes her head off and places it on the couch.

As a head, she tells the man that only foot worship is allowed; even if she can't feel her body, her body will stop any other form of activity. He agrees and leaves with her body. 

He worships her feet. At certain points he tries to touch other parts of her body besides her feet, but the body rejects his advances and points to her feet.

Meanwhile the head is bored, waiting for this to be over and complaining. Being just a head is a huge inconvience. She tries to count the money but it's hard to without hands. She also tries anything to stave the boredom away (trying to touch her nose with her tongue, etc.)

At some point, the body allows him to take off her feet, and he worships her disembodied soles.

An hour passes and the head yells that the session is over. It takes a few tries but eventually the man comes back and thanks her. He puts more cash in her mouth as a tip, which surprises Lilian, and then leaves before she has a chance to tell him to put her back on. Now she's going to be stuck like this for the next couple hours.