NBM Disembodied Feet Worship Nausica

A clip starring Nausica

Nausica in NBM Disembodied Feet Worship Nausica

In this clip: neck, feet, surreal, foot worship, annoyed, magic, moaning

Nausica's disembodied head lies on the couch sleeping. The man walks in and sees this. He checks to see if she is really sleeping by messing with her face. She makes a few noises and twitches a bit but doesn't wake up otherwise.

In another scene, Nausica's disembodied feet laying somewhere else, soles faced up. The man touches, tickles, and eventually worships her feet. The feet are reacting to this.

In between that, a few scenes show Nausica waking up, realizing her situation, and calling for help. She tries using her tongue to use her phone to call someone, but knocks it down and eventually falls down herself on the floor. We see her on the floor trying to re-adjust and try again with the phone, but it doesn't seem to be working.

After the man is done with the feet, he greets Nausica, who is happy to see someone. This happiness is short lived though, as the next and final scene shows her head laying on the man's lap with a gag over her mouth. The man brushes her hair and plays with her head while she is resisting as best as she can.