Laura Smith Magician's Assistant NBM Audition Foot Worship

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Magician's Assistant NBM Audition Foot Worship

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, surreal, willing, secretary/business, freeze/robot, brunette, foot worship, sensual, magic, naive

Laura takes part at an audition for a magician's assistant position for a magic guillotine trick where there is not really a trick, it's really magic: the head is removed for real but everything remains alive and alert, and in the end the head gets magically reattached with no consequences.

The audition involves trying out the trick in private: the blade falls, and so her head... Laura's living head can still talk from the basket, even though from that position there's not much she can see. She can still communicate with the magician, but the perception of the body is interrupted, so she can't feel nor control her own body, which is completely limp and unresponsive and with no sense of touch. The magician has to find excuses to postpone head reattachment, talking to the head in the basket which has no idea that he has removed her shoes and is now groping and licking her feet.

After a while, once he is satisfied, he will put her shoes back on, magically reattach her head and get her out of the guillotine. She got the job!