Headless NBM Magic Therapy Stephanie Bonham Carter

A clip starring Stephanie Bonham Carter

Stephanie Bonham Carter in Headless NBM Magic Therapy Stephanie Bonham Carter

In this clip: hair, blonde, annoyed, magic

A headless body waits in a waiting room with a box on her lap. Mumbling is heard from the box, and in response the body lightly shakes the box which seems to stop the noise. After a minute or so, the therapist greets the body and the body places the box next to her.

Since the body can't speak, the doctor recounts the situation as it was explained to him via email. He asks questions that the body can easily respond to with hand signals (e.g. "Is this true?" greeted with a thumbs up). Stephanie and her body have been having differences and the body doesn't feel like it is being respected. It took off her head (referred to from the rest of the video as Stephanie) a few days ago and was hoping to resolve issues via therapy. The therapist asks where Stephanie is, and it points to the box. When asked why she's in the box, the body makes the hand gesture for "talking too much".

The therapist opens the box to find Stephanie angry with duck tape over her mouth. He tells the body that this was not the right thing to do and slowly peels the tape from her mouth. Stephanie quickly says that her body is crazy and that she wants back on immediately. She explains for her point of view, where her body suddenly took her off and has been mistreating her for days, such as gagging her when she makes too much noise and leaving her alone in uncomfortable positions for hours on end.

The therapist decides that the first session should be a seperated session, where the body and Stephanie herself will talk 1 on 1 with the therapist. The body will go first, so Stephanie is tied to the ceiling by her hair, somewhere away from the session. Stephanie is angry at the situation and venting out loud how unfair this is, why is the therapist on the body's side, she's tired of being a head, etc. She's visibly uncomfortable about being just a head.

In her ranting and fidgeting, the rope fails and she falls onto the floor. She calls for help for a moment, but quickly and defeatedly accepts the situation and just waits for someone to notice her. She laments about the situation and that she's going to be like this forever. Eventually, the therapist comes to pick her up but she tells him to just leave her alone. He doesn't listen and picks her up by the hair.

While being held by the hair, the therapist talks to her gently, explaining that it's his job to make sure she and her body get along. Stephanie is reluctant at first but eventually the therpist convinces her to do the session (as there isn't much else she can do.)

The head lays face up on the therpist couch. She explains her problems with her body treating her incorrectly, and how she's never been a head for this long. She reveals that she takes her head off whenever there is housework or errands to do, which the body does autonomously. Eventually, Stephanie sees how she's been mistreating her body, which is the first step to recovery. The therapist recommends that she stay seperated from her body for the time being. She's not happy about it but ultimately accepts.

The headless body sits with the box open on her lap. Stephanie tells her that she agrees to the sessions as long as the body takes better care of her while she's in this state (no more gagging, no more leaving her in weird places, etc.). The body gives a thumbs-up and leaves with the box in hand.