Sophia Smith's Disembodied Head and Feet NBM Adventure

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith's Disembodied Head and Feet NBM Adventure

In this clip: neck, legs, feet, surreal, embarrassment, Fixed camera, brunette, foot worship, passive/submissive, annoyed, magic

Sophia's disembodied head lies on the floor. She is very irritated and mean. She says things like she got here early from nothing, worthless body, who put that stool there (implying she tripped), etc. Basically this is an uncomfortable situation. She then explains out loud that hopefully the guy doesn't notice where her body hid his money. She was trying to steal from the owner. She yells out a couple times for her body, then gives up. She'll just have to wait for the owner and hope he doesn't freak out too much. Scene cuts to headless body, legs crossed, still, except she has a phone in her hands (she seems to be texting somehow.) She's not wearing any shoes or socks and is dangling her feet up and down. Guy walks in, but for some reason doesn't seem as shocked as a person would be. He touches the body wherever is allowed (thighs, feet) for a bit. No nudity at this point, she's just wearing whatever outfit she came in. Scene cuts back to the head on the floor; the guy walks in and the head's personality turns nice and friendly. She introduces herself and jokes a bit about the situation. He bends down, makes a little small talk, and touches her face, nose, lips, ears, whatever possible. She's somewhat flirty during this introduction. She tells him she's surprised he isn't freaked out, seeing a girl's disembodied head like this. He says something like, I've seen weirder things, and she laughs. She remarks that he seems pretty cool and gives him permission to pick her up. We see the head being held up by the guy, with two hands, like a bowling ball. She thanks him for not picking her up from her hair. Her ex used to do that all the time and she hated it. He begins to move her head back and forth, moves her jaw with his hand, messes with her eyes. Basically anything that normally wouldn't be possible with a static sideways shot. She laughs it off in the beginning and slowly becomes more irritated (but not enough to alert him.) She kindly asks if he can stop and he apologizes. He asks about her "ability" and she says it started when she was 18. She woke up and her head was laying between her feet. It took a few hours but the body finally picked her up. She cannot control her body in any way, except through communication. Finally she asks to be put back on her body. Scene cuts to head laying on couch. The guy has left and she can express her true feelings. He's so rude, stupid, treats me like a toy, can't wait to rob him blind, etc. After a minute, (offscreen) the guy and the body come back and she changes back her attitude. Cut to scene with Sophia all in one piece, in her bedroom. She feels her body for a bit, happy to be back on. She's sitting on the bed, counting money and laughing. It was way too easy. She has tape around her neck so she's not late for tomorrow's shoot with another person, who she also is planning to steal from. She goes to bed, satisfied. A little time passes and the guy walks in, and touches her neck stealthy (he's gonna take her head off.) Next scene shows sleeping body, stomach down, with no head, and naked. The guy begins rubbing and licking her feet for a while, but starts wondering if her feet come off too. Next scene shows head laying on bed, motionless (sleeping), and her feet somewhere next to her, soles up and wiggling toes a bit. He holds her ankles and lightly touches her feet. Next scene shows just the head sideways on bed/pillow. Head is starting to wake up. At first, she doesn't notice anything, just has a headache. She tried to reach for her glasses and for some reason nothing happens. She closes her eyes, saying "please no, please no", moves her eyes down and sees she's headless. She curses yet again, yelling how did this happen. Basically, she just yells for her body and complains more, even threatening the body. She then realizes something is different. She can feel her feet. She gets excited and happy, saying she's finally gained some control. She happily wiggles her toes (we don't see it yet.) She then tried to focus on other body parts really hard. Scrunching her face, and whatnot. Cut to disembodied feet on the couch. We can still hear the head. The guy grabs her feet by the ankles. She feels something strange but too faint. The guy slowly ramps up worship intensely and the head slowly realizes her feet are being worshiped. She screams but it doesn't matter. Next scene shows head laying face up on the bed (if not possible, then laying sideways again.) She insults him for a bit, and he flicks her on the forehead, messes with her hair, face. She gets frustrated and asks why hes doing this. He says he know she stole from her. She denies it but he says it'll be a lot easier if she admits. She reluctantly does, but quickly excuses that she really needs the money. He says he can propose a deal that can benefit both parties. She's suspicious and asks "....what is it?" He says that "a lot of people would pay for a pretty head". She realizes what he means, pauses for a sec, and then says "can we discuss this more somewhere comfortable". He says yes, but shes not getting her body yet. He then puts tape on her mouth and she mumbles a bit with angry eyes before the scene cuts. Last scene shows the head in a box and her feet (not in box) somewhere in the shot. Some time has passed and the two have become business partners. She explains how this "session" went. The head isn't a fan of this and complains while telling the story: Story about how a woman ordered the head and went to a hotel because she was cheating on her husband. She played with her head roughly, which she hates, then propped her up by the tv and worshipped her feet, which was relaxing. Then she made the head worship feet (both the wife's feet and the disembodied feet.) She starts to complain, saying that her cut isn't high enough, clients are too rough, no respect for her, and she wants her body back. He threatens her, saying he'll turn her into the police for her crimes. If she complains more, he'll take away control of her feet like "last time." She panics and says fine, I'll be good. He leaves and it shows her alone, irritated at her past actions, before it fades after a minute.