NBM Talking Disembodied Heads Faye and Alicia

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Alicia

Faye Taylor, Alicia in NBM Talking Disembodied Heads Faye and Alicia

In this clip: surreal, silly, brunette, magic, naive

Scene 1: Alicia walks in with a closed box in her hands. We can't see what's inside it, but she playfully shakes it a bit. She talks to the box like something is inside it, and tells it to wake up. A mumbled voice is heard, like someone is trying to speak but has been gagged. Then she places the box down on the floor. Scene 2: Cut to Faye's disembodied head laying sideways on the floor. She has tape over her mouth and "TOY" written on it. Faye makes some noise and moves her eyes around frantically for a bit. Alicia makes fun of her, then she carefully takes the tape off. Most of the interaction between them is Alicia teasing Faye through dialogue and poking, and Faye getting increasingly irritated. It's revealed this was a bet to see who could go the longest as a head and Faye couldn't handle it anymore. Faye asks to be placed somewhere more comfortable. Scene 3: The head would be shown laying sideways on the couch. The head complains about where she's placed initially but beggars can't be choosers. Alicia is still laughing at her helpless friend, teasing her and poking her. I just wanted to emphasize the physical interaction with the head. Ideally, Alicia would be messing with the head by poking her, squeezing her nose, messing with her eyes, squeezing her cheeks, etc. She asks how it feels, and Faye explains how helpless she is . Faye challenges Alicia, saying she couldn't last as long as she did and Alicia says it'll be easier. She leaves to the guillotine. Faye says "take me with you, I wanna watch!" but she's just left there. She grumbles for a bit then the scene cuts. Scene 4: Alicia's head is laying on the floor to the right, and a headless body is laying to the left with everything above the neck outside of the shot. The body is motionless. Alicia talks about how weird this feels, but is more relaxed than Faye was. She says how hot her "body" is, how Faye was whining for nothing, it's not so bad, acts like and calls herself an airhead, etc. After a while, she calls her body to pick her up but nothing happens. She does this a few times, but nothing still happens. She starts to say uh-oh and gets a little nervous. Scene 5: Both heads are now in boxes (apparently the bodies were "kind" enough to do this.) Alicia jokingly says maybe she should've put Faye's head back on first. Faye is furious, calling Alicia stupid, how they're gonna be stuck like this forever, etc. Faye is in general a lot more mad and panicked, but Alicia is still half-joking and laid back. They basically argue over the situation for the rest of the video.