Glass Olive The Wannabe Magician's Assistant and the Guillotine Trick

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Glass Olive The Wannabe Magician's Assistant and the Guillotine Trick

In this clip: genitals, legs, bondage, surreal, willing, blowjob, fucking, dirty talk, horny, brunette, sexy/provocative, sensual, audition/interview, magic

Olive read an ad for a position as magician's assistant and got an interview with him. She goes to the interview very well dressed, as she wants to impress; in fact, the magician can't stop looking at her legs and the two begin flirting a bit. However, the magician explains that his tricks are really magical, and the best one is the guillotine. He needs a sexy assistant for that, a sexy girl willing to put her sexy neck under the blade and lose her own head on stage during his shows. And - he says - her head will fall for real, but it's just magic, so it is painless and absolutely safe. Her head and body will remain perfectly alive and conscious, and at the end of the trick her head will be magically reattached to her body with no consequences, except the crowd getting unbelievably excited. Now Olive is really excited and she says she is ready to do anything in order to get the position. They walk to the guillotine room where the prop awaits her for a rehearsal/audition. She can't believe how realistic it looks, she can't take her eyes off it. She's so excited, and the magician is excited too. She said she will do anything to get the position, so what about starting to give him head the normal way? Of course, and she begins sucking his cock while sitting on the machine. That goes on for some time but he doesn't cum: in fact, he wants to fuck her from behind while she kneels strapped in position ready to lose head. This is not something they're going to do on stage, but it's the perfect audition, and she totally agrees. So she gets handcuffed and strapped into a doggiestyle position, her neck locked in the lunette, the blade hanging over her beautiful bare neck. The magician's cock starts fucking her from behind, and she is in heaven; she wants him to release the blade right when she cums, and so it happens: when she feels orgasm is coming she asks for the blade, and we see HER HEAD ROLLING as her body keeps orgasming being fucked from behind. Now without a head, Olive's body still moans, moves and talk to him, teasing and encouraging him to cum as well. The magician keeps fucking, until he cums as well, and Olive keeps moaning, still without a head. The magician stands up, grabs her head from the floor and puts it back in position: MAGIC! Olive can't believe it, but her head is magically back and this all felt so exciting and hot! She can't wait to do it again on stage, as in fact she is totally hired.