NBM Out of Control

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith

Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith in NBM Out of Control

In this clip: feet, surreal, blonde, brunette, foot worship, rejection, annoyed, magic

Scene 1: Chloe's disembodied head lays on the couch and "her" disembodied hands somewhere close to her. The hands are wiggling/moving as much as the scene allows, trying to grab the cell phone also on the couch. She can feel her hands but she's trying her best to command her hands to call someone to help her. Ultimately though, she can't command them well and basically gives up (hands are doing their own thing at this point.) She calls for her body to come get her a few times but nothing happens. Chloe voices her regrets out loud, saying she shouldn't have messed around with her head, should have just kept it to other body parts, etc (implying she's done something like this before.) Scene 2: Cut to a wider shot of the couch with the head still laying there (the hands are gone at this point.) The headless body comes in somewhat disoriented and looking for something aimlessly. The head desperately tries to lead the body over to her, but obviously the body can't hear anything. The scene goes on like this for a while (body knocking into stuff, head trying to guide it.) Eventually, the body feels the head on the couch with her hands. Chloe is relieved and asks her body to put her on. The body messes with the head a bit before the scene cuts. Scene 3: The headless body holds Chloe's head up. Chloe asks the body what it's waiting for, and constantly asks to be put on. The body, unsurprisingly messes with the head (hair, face, etc) for a bit. Chloe gets increasingly irritable, even trying to bite the body somehow. Scene 4: Chloe's head lays face up on the bed, with the body slightly out of frame; we only see part of her legs. The body starts messing with Chloe's head with her feet, at first just touching/slapping her face and eventually leading to foot worship. Chloe is rebellious throughout, begging the body not to do it, threatening to bite, etc but gives in at some point. Scene 5: Close up of Chloe's head laying on (or next to) the body's lap. The body is treating the head very gently now (stroking her hair and such.) Chloe realizes she's not going to get anywhere by acting mean, so she tries talking to the body nicely and calmly. She tries to reason with the body to put her on, but nothing works. Finally, Chloe has and idea: she tells the body that it can have her friend Sophia's head. If the body agrees to put Chloe on Sophia's body, the body can have Sophia's head. The body likes this, dials her cell phone, and puts it up to Chloe. Chloe tells Sophia that she really needs her help and to come over quick. Scene 6: Sophia walks in surprised at the situation. Chloe's head lays on the couch by itself, with the cell phone close by. Sophia gently strokes Chloe's head/hair as Chloe makes up a fake scenario where she lost her head and has been stuck like this for hours. She only just managed to get her phone to be able to contact Sophia. Sophia somewhat questions this ("how were you able to do that like this") but Chloe manages to deflect it. Chloe tells Sophia to go get her body in the next room. Sophia agrees, and leaves Chloe by herself. Chloe (to herself) secretly hopes that Sophia fell for it and hopefully the body keeps it's end of the deal. Scene 7: Both Chloe and Sophia's heads are laying on the couch now, disembodied. Sophia is confused and freaking out. Chloe explains why she had to do this and tries to apologize, but Sophia isn't having it. They start to argue a bit and insult each other (e.g. if I get my body back I'm throwing you in the trash, stuff like that.) Chloe eventually yells for her body to come get her, while Sophia yells to grab her instead. Scene 8: Sophia lays on the bed alone. Chloe's head is gone and it's not revealed whether she actually got a body or not. The rest of this scene plays out pretty much the same as Scene 4.