Honour May's Extensive Neck and Throat Show

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May's Extensive Neck and Throat Show

In this clip: neck, POV, stretching, contortion/flexibility, mouth, details/closeups

in this clip, Honour discusses and shows you all about her neck and throat: it starts with a full body shot front, each side and back. Throughout the video she tells you how sexy her neck is, how sexy her trachea is, and what she likes like most about her neck. Now is the time to really focus in on the throat. First she stands in front of the camera showing her face and neck, show the tongue, and the inside back of the throat. Then she slowly puts her head back as far as she can and hold it. With her head back she gargles some water, also doing some swallows in order to show the throat movements. Then she takes a body measuring tape and measure the circumference of neck, discussing about all the measurements. Then she sits in a chair, and turns her head side to side slowly, then back slowly, and once again the camera follows the throat and zooms in on it. And so on. The procedure is really detailed and complicated, but in the end you aren't going to miss out anything of Honour's neck!