No Pussy for Ronan the Masturbator

A clip starring Caroline Pierce

Caroline Pierce in No Pussy for Ronan the Masturbator

In this clip: genitals, legs, dirty talk, tease, mental domination, POV, domination, humiliation, playful/giggling, brunette, sexy/provocative, sensual, JOI, spreads, SPH, flashing, dominant/leading

Caroline is impressed that I am such a porn addicted chronic masturbator but suspects I still have fantasies about having real sex. She makes me swear to stay pussy free and faithful to my hand forever. She makes me promise to fall deeper into porn and masturbation addiction, advising me it is far more suitable for me than real sex. She wants to be my Number 1 fantasy, convincing me that the best sex I will ever have is with my penis in my hand and Caroline on my screen. Caroline is sitting, legs crossed, changing legs and position several times; she is impressed with how often I masturbate and amazed at the size of my porn collection. She has never seen such an extreme case of masturbation addiction and thinks it is fascinating. She loves picturing me naked at my computer, wanking constantly. Caroline stands and struts around sexily, clicking her heels in this section. She removes the skirt part in the 4th minute, then the top half after the 5th. She is concerned that I still have thoughts about having real sex. She is sorry I am so frustrated. She explains that this is not good for a wanker like me. She tells me that I wasn’t meant to fuck pussy, only my hand and the sooner I accept it, the happier I will be. She wants to help me embrace my masturbation addiction and make it stronger. Caroline sits again, crossing, uncrossing legs, fondling heels, spreading and reclining on sofa. She loves spreading her pussy to tease me, telling me that I need to accept that pussy on my screen is all I’ll ever experience. She convinces me to forget the idea of ever fucking real pussy and accept that masturbation is my destiny. She tells me I shouldn’t even fantasise about fucking, never mind doing it for real. She makes me repeat some phrases to help me accept my situation. She spreads her pussy lips, assuring me that I will never experience warm, wet cunts, but that my hand is more suitable. Caroline stands again, various poses, walking, one leg on sofa, turning, bending and spreading bum etc. She thinks I am upset “Awww, poor Ronan”, and ironically tells me all the positive things about being a pathetic addicted masturbator - I don’t have to worry about my penis being laughed at or performing with a real woman - How my penis is used to the feel of my hand, pussy would not be the same. - How it would be wrong to be unfaithful to my hand after it being such a devoted lover, always ready to please me. - Masturbating to pornography, especially Caroline, is better than real sex. Caroline sits again, spreading legs and pussy lips wide, teasing me and making me cum. She encourages me to masturbate like never before, to enjoy the experience, free of any thoughts of real sex, a true masturbator for life. As I spill my spunk, she tells me this is the best sex I will ever have. She congratulates me and hopes I enjoy my life as a pussy free Master Masturbator, happy that she has helped me to accept my fate, blowing a final ironic kiss to Ronan the chronic maaaasssturrrbaaatoorrr at the end.