Nyxon Pee Desperation - Locked Bathroom

A clip starring Ammalia, Nyxon

Ammalia, Nyxon in Nyxon Pee Desperation - Locked Bathroom

In this clip: ass, embarrassment, desperation, casual/ordinary, denial, pain/torture, wet, clothes, brunette, pee

Nyxon runs to the bathroom because she has to pee so badly, but the door is locked! Her foreign housemate is inside, preparing herself for the evening; Nyxon begs her to let her in, but the housemate doesn't understand english and doesn't let her in. Nyxon keeps nervously knocking on the door, but the only result is to get housemate upset. Nyxon is literally pushed against the door, out of herself as she cannot contain her anymore... At that point we can hear the housemate turns the hair dryer on, and this discourages Nyxon, who slides to the floor in a desperate condition. The she begins convulsing, almost gasping. Unable to contain herself no more, she pee in her pants, and a nice stain appears on her grey leggings. Confused, relaxed and freed, Nyxon remains laying on the floor; the door opens, the foreign housemate steps out leaving the bathroom free...