Black Magic Office Findom Scam

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Black Magic Office Findom Scam

In this clip: hands, trance/hypnosis, surreal, anger, evil, secretary/business, mental domination, POV, domination, humiliation, rejection, sensual, financial domination, magic, dominant/leading

Just epic. Please welcome our new special effects capabilities.

As the big rich client you are, you have commissioned a big job to a company and it's time to pay the bill. Secretary Honour May meets you at her desk, all nice and friendly. She must treat you with the highest respect, as everybody knows you're one of the company's biggest clients. You know that, so you take the freedom to be fussy: basically, you don't want to pay the bill.

Honour tries to remain calm, but the situation is clearly tight: you are being unreasonable, the company has done the job perfectly and delivered ahead of schedule. But you still don't want to pay.
That's when black magic happens: two light glows appear in Honour's palms, the rest of the office is cut out and it's now just you and Honour, who has superpowers. Soon you're mesmerized and completely under her spell.

She is no longer acting all nice and chatty, as she is not speaking to you saying what she really thinks: that you're a flithy rich bastard, and you are now under her complete control. 
During this out of reality moment she will brainwash you, inviting you to empty your fat bank account into hers, and of course you won't remember a thing. She's evil, powerful, magical, and you're completely under her spell!