Your Office Boss Bella Strips and Teases and Fires You

A clip starring Bella

Bella in Your Office Boss Bella Strips and Teases and Fires You

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, secretary/business, tease, POV, nylon/stockings, redhead, rejection, tits, striptease, stripping, sensual, flashing

Bella is an office manager. She calls in one of her office staff to fire him for continuous daydreaming and lack of productivity. She tells him he has had many warnings and now she has to let him go. As she is firing him, she asks him what he spends all day fantasying about? As he is being fired, the guy imagines Bella stripping naked, except in her stockings and heels. He imagines her teasing him with her tits, her belly button, her heels, her stocking covered legs and feet. In fact, this is what he has been constantly been fantasying about. Suddenly he snaps back to reality. Bella is no longer naked and teasing him, but fully dressed and angry. She realized what he is fantasying about. Its her naked breasts and in her heels and stockings. She make fun of the guy and tells him she will tell everyone about why he was fired. She tells him to get out.