Lauren and Jane - POV Office Teases

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Jane

Lauren Louise, Jane in Lauren and Jane - POV Office Teases

In this clip: ass, legs, secretary/business, nylon/stockings, playful/giggling, blonde, brunette, big tits, tits, striptease, spying/peep, stripping, sensual

Lauren and Jane were company bosses working in an office. They are the hottest women there and they know it. There is one guy in particular that is always checking them out through a crack in the office door. They would oblige him by wearing low cut tops or blouses that are un-buttoned and stockings and heels. They give him flashes of their boobs by bending over and giving him down blouse views and shows. They sit back and arch their backs, jutting out their breasts or feel their tits and nipples through the material of their tops. They dangled their shoes and gave him foot shows. They giggle and laugh and joke that they guy probably needs to go to the rest room to jerk off after their tease show. Today they decided to take things a little further. It was late and it was only them and the guy in the office. When they thought he was watching, they started with their normal teasing, but went much further. Jane pulled out her tits from her top while Lauren unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out her tits from the bra. They dangled their shoes, giving a sensual foot show. Lauren then stripped off her skirt, panties, top and bra and stood in the stockings and heels taking selfies of herself and Jane, while Jane stripped off her top and skirt and stood in stockings, heels and panties, doing the same things. They posed for each other, squeezing their boobs for the shots, all the time laughing and giggling. They told each other that the guy much have already cum in his pants by now. They then called out to the guy and told him to come in and not be shy.