Bad Day For Parole Officer Bitch

A clip starring Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw in Bad Day For Parole Officer Bitch

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, bondage, peril, sleeping/limp, desperation, groping, domination, nylon/stockings, brunette, foot worship, rejection, sexy/provocative, stripping, poking/punching, passive/submissive, gagging, rubbing

It seems that the evil Creep has spent some time in prison, and has finally been released. He's taken up living in a seedy apartment, and has been getting weekly visits from his parole officer Hannah Shaw. But this visit is going to be different!

The scene opens with Hannah (wearing a sexy professional pant suit, sheer black stockings, and heels) coming into his bedroom for her weekly visit. She has her badge & handcuffs displayed on her waist, and her service weapon tucked into her back pants. She asks him some questions, and the Creep tells her he's reformed. She begins inspecting his bedroom, finding various things (including ropes and cuffs) that he quickly tries to explain away. She's almost convinced that he's gone legitimate and has no more desires to capture women, until she randoming flips over a pillow and finds some incriminating evidence, including his nylon creep mask, tape, sleepy cloth and more!
Instantly she pulls out her weapon and cuffs, and orders him to assume the position. But thinking quickly, we see the Creep, the instant she turns and is not looking, hits her in the head causing her to drop limp onto the floor.
The Creep then begins to verbally tease and taunt her sleeping body, before picking her up and dumping her on the bed. He briefly fondles her ass, before he removes her heels and service weapon and takes it for himself.

We fade to later, as we now see Hannah on the bed, arms and legs tied spread eagle, as she begins to wake up. Hannah struggles and curses, until she sees the Creep approach her and puts a ballgags her. She tries to use her legs to kick him, and is very aggressive, until he uses a special magical rag item he has to keep her under control! Hannah is now much more compliant, as he begins to fondle and tease her, running his hands over her body and unbuttoning her blouse to show her sexy bra.
After a brief time, she begins to get more fiesty, so he uses his item once more. He starts playing with her sexy hosed feet and sucks her toes. After awhile he unties her legs and removes her pants and as he reties her legs she starts to come to and starts yelling at him through her gag and trying to kick him but she is now tied. He lets her struggle a bit than puts her back out so he can go back to her feet.