Student Peeing During Interview

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Honour May

Faye Taylor, Honour May in Student Peeing During Interview

In this clip: genitals, embarrassment, desperation, young, schoolgirl, wet, playful/giggling, pee

Faye is asking questions to Honour about drinking on campus and if she has witnessed any incidents that have led to accidents. As the questions progress, Honour realizes she needs to pee quite badly. Unfortunately, she also realizes she probably won't last until the end of the interview. As a result, she tries to quietly pee worried that Faye will notice what she is doing. Finished peeing, Honour shows little facial expression as she rubs her wet panties as the interview concludes. With the interview concluded, they both stand to leave. Faye notices the wet spot on the back of Honour's skirt. Faye asks Honour to show her the wet panties. When she does, they examine the panties with Faye commenting that this would make for a great picture for her article.