Honour May Peeing In Her Dress Humiliation

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May Peeing In Her Dress Humiliation

In this clip: embarrassment, desperation, night/deshabille, mental domination, POV, blackmail, pee, flashing

Honour is on the phone talking with a friend. She shows signs of desperation, crossing her legs while she stands talking. She stuffs her dress between her crossed legs to help hold. She is far too embarrassed to end the conversation due to needing to pee. She pees herself while she has her dress stuffed between her legs. Unaware that someone has been watching her as she talked, a man approaches her as she walks away. He asks her why the front of her dress is wet. She tries unsuccessfully to convince him that she spilled her drink all over the front of her dress. Realizing she has been caught, she offers to show him her wet panties and later gives her wet panties to him if he promises that this will be their little secret.