Peeing Brat Schoolgirl Honour May

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Peeing Brat Schoolgirl Honour May

In this clip: ass, young, schoolgirl, POV, wet, playful/giggling, sensual, pee

Honour is serving detention for continually flashing her panties at the boys, and more importantly habitually using her panties as a toilet, refusing to use a proper bathroom when she needs to pee. Why use a gross, disgusting bathroom when your panties make a perfectly good toilet! She is seated in detention and as punishment she is made to write that her panties are not a toilet several times. In the middle of writing, she gets a familiar look on her face, smirking as she uncrosses her legs, and spreads her legs as she pees in her seat. Her professor scolds her and asks her why she did it. She replies that her panties make a perfectly good toilet and she loves to hold her pee until having a complete accident, peeing herself feels good and she enjoys the way wet panties feel against her skin, clinging to her when they become wet. She likes watching the wet patch grow too! After peeing, she contentedly wiggle her butt in the puddle. Then she stands up, sticks her butt out while lifting her skirt turning to the professor showing her wet panties before asking if he would like to spank her butt. Keeping the back of her skirt lifted so we can see her butt in sexy, wet panties as she walks away...she knows what she’s doing teasing and using her beauty and sex appeal to her fullest!