The Subtle Point Of No Return

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in The Subtle Point Of No Return

In this clip: legs, bondage, vore, surreal, secretary/business, brunette, rejection, tits, dominant/leading

A chef is having a bad day as his roast is not going to be delivered and he has people coming over for dinner later; he is quite upset and complains on the phone to his supplier, when the doorbell rings and he has to close the call. Things couldn't go any worse, as that's an unexpected visit of an inspector! Sophia Smith walks in, dressed up sexy but very conservative; she sounds strict from the start, as if she already envisions to bring troubles to the guy's business. Any attempt to mild her up is futile. She has a note book, she starts looking around, observing the materials, the hygiene situation, and writes everything down as if she's not fully pleased by what she sees. Then she expects to see how food is processed, from start to end, but when the guy explains that the roast has not been delivered she doesn't seem to care: she expects to see how the food is processed. Particularly, she is concerned that anything cruel or morally wrong may be done to the animals before they transition from 'animals' to 'animals for food use': in fact, while it's perfectly legit to do anything atrocious when the object is intended to be for food use, it would be illegal and morally wrong to do anything bad when the creature is such by all means. In order to fill the gap, but also to intimidate the guy, she tells him that she will offer herself to play the roast part, up to the famous transition point, and make sure than nothing wrong is being done before then. After all, if he has nothing to hide, he will respect her fully, treating her with love until the very last moment after which the animal turns into an object for food use. That will be the end of the inspection, which will decide the future of the guy's business. Fist thing, she has to strip, as roasts are naked. She does it with no problems, as she is determined to lead the guy into trouble. All the time she makes notes on her book, looking extremely strict and unbendable. She is asked to step up on the tray, and the preparation and oiling up begins: to make the demonstration simpler, only her breasts, belly and upper leg are oiled up and covered with spices. The inspector continues to supervise the process, very inquisitive. Some serious problems arise when the guy has to tie her hands up together, in front of her. This has to be done, as it prevents the roast from escaping, but also provides support for later when the roast will have to keep the pose for the oven, and for being served later. The problem is, the creature can't be happy about being restrained, and this probably causes some stress as well. It is morally not acceptable, as the transition point is not passed yet. Having her hands tied up, she orders the guy to write down himself a bad note on her records. The inspector is now disappointed and gets pushy. "What happens next?" The guy is now really nervous. He tries to avoid the question, he would like the inspection to end there. But the inspector keeps chasing. "What happens next?" The guy can't hold it anymore. He takes an apple out of his uniform, pulls the inspector by the rope towards him, and stuffs the apple into her mouth, gagging her, who's now realizing in her scared eyes that's the point of no return, the transition between 'creature' to 'object for food use'... The scene fades back in showing inspector Sophia posed on the tray as a roast, the pen still in her hand...