Turning Her Accountant Into a Pony - Pt2

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Honour May

Chloe Toy, Honour May in Turning Her Accountant Into a Pony - Pt2

In this clip: trance/hypnosis, young, pony, mental domination, domination, playful/giggling, blonde, lesbian, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, dildos/objects, anal

Honour leads Chloe back in (Chloe is out of her trance now wearing most of her pony-girl outfit which include body harness, gloves, shoes, bridle and plume without the bit and arm-binder restraint) and Honour leashes Chloe to a stand. Chloe pleads to be let go, but Honour hypnotizes her again. Chloe screams and pleads not to be hypnotized again, but to no avail and she falls under once again. Honour places the bit gag into her mouth and a tail plug in her ass. Chloe is now resplendent in her new outfit. Honour then admires her new pony and orders her to bring Honour to orgasm. Once she cums, she then brings her new sub to orgasm and Chloe screams in delight (do as you please with this part of the scene; let the girls have some fun with each other). She finally tells her to enjoy her position, as Chloe is now hers.