Honour May and the Pornographer Magician

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May and the Pornographer Magician

In this clip: neck, genitals, ass, legs, surreal, embarrassment, masturbation, licking, groping, fucking, handjob, secretary/business, freeze/robot, humiliation, rejection, sexy/provocative, audition/interview, magic, naive

Here we have Honour May getting in trouble again at a magician's audition: after shooting porn for a while, she retired from the industry and she's very happy to have the chance to apply for a position as a magician's assistant, which is more dignified than getting fucked on camera.

However, the magician tries to dodge the audition into porn, as he also happens to secretly run a porn production which actually pays his bills. Honour is a bit uncomfortable, and that's a definite no: she quit with porn and she doesn't want to do anything like that again.

A little bit disappointed, the magician reverts back to the original audition: let's try the guillotine number, which impresses people so much. She has to get into the machine and he's going to release it. Her head will fall, to be magically reattached at the end of the number. Honour agrees as she has seen the magician's numbers before, and it is just unbelievable.

Once she is in position, the magician counts down and we see Honour's head rolling... Omg that was good!
Now Honour is talking to the magician from floor level, but the guillotine hides what's happening on the other side, so she can't see... The magician stops talking to her, and starts basically ignoring her!

Without her head, her body has become primal, moving without inhibitions, getting excitable upon stimulation, and without awareness of what's happening, like a sex robot.
The magician has started groping her, exposing her genitals, licking her, escalating into some (simulated) sex. That is pretty much porn, to which Honour's body responds positively, while Honour feels absolutely upset there on the floor, frustrated as she can't control the body to stop it now... She didn't want to do porn again but here we are again!