POV Hypno Chloe Toy With Sophia Smith

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith

Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith in POV Hypno Chloe Toy With Sophia Smith

In this clip: trance/hypnosis, groping, young, mental domination, POV, blonde, brunette, tits, submission/slavery, gagging, choking, moaning, dazed

Both girls on their knees on the floor, Sophia is wearing a white cleave gag between her teeth and sensuously moaning. She is behind Chloe holding her arms behind her back with her hand clamped over her mouth. Chloe is awake and mmphing and struggling uselessly.
You inject Chloe with a sedative and when Chloe starts to succumb you very very slowly hypnotise her to submit and serve you. Very very slow long hypnosis.

Sophia grunts encouragingly throughout while Chloe moans in protest as she ever so slowly has her resistance broken down. Slowly she goes under and Sophia cleave gags her too.
Both girls look mindlessly ahead moaning sensuously under their gags and begin slowly fondling each other as you keep slowly hypnotising them both.