Mature Cindy R Getting Ready For a Date

A clip starring Cindy R

Cindy R in Mature Cindy R Getting Ready For a Date

In this clip: legs, feet, mature/older, lingerie/underwear, massage, brunette

Cindy is sitting in just her panties - or could be panties / loose top. She is on phone with her friend. She talks about hot date she has with a secret admirer. The guy has sent her expense gifts. He as just sent her some flowers. She picks them up and smells them. She is happy. She says she needs to get ready and hangs up. She moves to moisturize her legs and feet and applies lotion. (Here we have very long and nice application of lotion to her legs and feet - good attention to working the lotion between the toes and under the soles). When she is finished, she takes the stockings and slowly and sexily pulls them one, giving us good show/views of her legs and feet. She slips on her heeled shoes and does a bit of a show while she tries them and makes sure she likes them. She then sits next to her flowers and applies make up.